A brand new musical celebration the presence of people of African decent living in Britain as far back as the 18th century

A brand new musical written by Evadne Bygrave based on the book ‘Fern and Kate Meets Dido Elizabeth Belle by David Gleave.



Dido’s father was a wealthy English aristocrat who was a naval officer, John Lindsay and her mother was an enslaved African.  However, what was unique about Dido is that she was raised by her father’s uncle, the Earl of Mansfield.  He was the Lord Chief Justice, and he made a number of landmark rulings on slavery that was amongst Britain’s first steps towards abolition.

Belle grew up in Kenwood House in north London with the Earl of Mansfield’s family and enjoyed many of the wealth, but not all due to her mixed heritage.

The playscript features the story of a modern day young girl of mixed heritage who is disaffected at school and uncertain about her identity. She dislikes school and she especially detests history, as there is no one like her in the books she is made to study. Then, on a school trip to Kenwood House, something magical happens… She goes back in time and meets Dido.

Fern Meets Dido is an intergenerational Community Cohesion project (where the older cast members will take on the role of narrators) that aims to create a caring and collaborative relationship between young and old.  Local businesses have pledged support for the project financial and in-kind.

We believe that our older cast members will act as role models for the young performers, while giving them a sense of purpose and reducing the possible risk of isolation and loneliness.  By bringing the generations together in a positive environment with a shared goal we hope to provide opportunities to break down these barriers and build a stronger community.

There will be a performing arts boot camp at the Shoestring Theatre from 20th – 31st August to prepare the young cast members for the performances on 3rd and 4th November 2018.

Interested? Go to CONTACT and register your child stating; name, age, contact number and where you heard about the production.