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What you get

The Angel of Nitshill Road (based on the book by Anne Fine)
There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom (based on the book by Louis Sachar)Products
Clockwork (based on the book by Philip Pullman)

The package includes:
•    Lyrics
•    CD with vocal and instrumental track
•    Sing a Book  – Guided Reading lesson plan

All Sing a Book songs, draw inferences, such as inferring a character’s feeling, thoughts and motives from their actions, which is reflected in the lyrics.  The songs requires no musical experience to teach, as the package includes the vocals, instrumental and lyrics.
The lesson plan demonstrates how the songs can be used as a guided reading tool, while giving the pupils an opportunity to learn it within a structured and curriculum-led learning environment.

The songs gives pupils a platform to showcase their comprehension of the book and the main characters, through a class assembly or end of term production, while developing their reading and listening skills and promoting reading for enjoyment.

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Don’t just sing it! Perform it!