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Dido Through The Looking Glass

Dido Elizabeth Belle 1761-1804 painted by Ebun Culwin

Musical theatre gives children an opportunity to express themselves, be exposed to difficult situations and how to manage these situations in a creative way.  Through the arts of dance, acting and music they learn new forms of communication in a range of unique ways.  Exposure to the arts can help improve children’s academics develop their self-expression and social skills.

At Sing a Book we are passionate about musical theatre and recognise that it is a powerful platform to tell stories that are not always easy to tell without judgement or offending.  It allows participants to form a connection with people and impact upon their lives by conveying the message in a very subtle way through the emotion of the songs.

After the success of Fern Meets Dido – The Musical in Croydon (October 2018), Sing a Book brought Dido Belle to Lewisham as part of the Festival of Creative Ageing (September 2019).  Dido Through the Looking Glass – The Musical was another brand new musical featuring Dido Belle, one of the first Black aristocrats from the 18th century, with a cast of members from the community aged 7 – 18  and 55+ that have been historically underrepresented in theatre.

By popular demand from parents, teachers and community members we are doing it again! The project will take place at  Goldsmiths Community Centre, Catford, Boot Camp for performing art skills this August 2021.

If you are aged 7-18 or 55+ and want to take part in the project, performing or volunteering, please contact us on 07719 131934, send an email or a message via the website or download and complete a registration form.

This project is sponsored by Holiplay and delivered by dedicated volunteers.  Donations would be greatly appreciated via JustGiving, Dido Belle Theatre Project 2020.  Thank you.